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Alexander Zastera was born in Jacksonville, Florida, and works in Miami, Florida. Zastera has a Master’s in Environmental Studies from Florida International University (2023), a BFA in Studio Art, and a BA in art history from Florida State University (2014). They are known for their large-scale hyper-surreal mystical paintings, found object installations, and public performances centered around the environment. Their painting practice starts as conversations, mixers, and current events, which then get memorialized onto canvas centered around connecting people to share the stories of the South Florida communities. They have been a resident artist in the Miami Dade Library system with ProjectArt USA and are currently in residency at the Deering Estate (2024). They have been awarded an Ellie through Oolite Arts (2023) and the Xavier Cortada “Power of Art” award by the city of Palmetto Bay (2023). Their work has been featured at MOCA Nomi (2021), Deep Space Gallery (2018), Superfine! Art Fair: NYC (2018), and & Gallery (2017).