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Frontal view of the Visitor Center from the parking lot

Conservation Workshop Series

Aug 11 2024
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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On Sunday, May 19, join us for the next Conservation workshop “Best Pollinators Plants for South Florida.”

Learn about the best native and non-native plants to have in your garden – plan now and install them during the rainy season! Featured plants include larval host and nectar plants for butterflies, as well as links to more information on the best plants for pollinators in your neighborhood.

This is part of a monthly Conservation Workshop series held at our Visitor Center Exhibit Room.


$5 per person ages 13+ (non-members). Tickets online
Free for children ages 12 & under (RSVP /tickets online)
Free for Deering Estate Foundation Members (RSVP / tickets online)

Additional workshop dates:
June 9 “Green Lawns, Green Sea Grass”
Tickets/RSVP online

Learn how your home landscape could be contributing to pollution and nutrient overload in Florida’s water bodies, fueling issues such as fish kills and algal blooms. Join us for this workshop to learn about sustainable approaches on how to keep your lawn green without using excessive fertilizer and water!

July 14 “Moth Week”
Tickets/RSVP online

More Pollinators! Meet the moths that fly at night and might just be hanging out at your backdoor! Moths have butterflies outnumbered 500,000 to 20,000! What is the difference between moths and butterflies? Discover what set Marco Polo on the Silk Road and learn more about the 5000-year-old process of creating silk fabrics from moth cocoons. Lots to share and learn in this presentation with many free downloadable guides and activities you can safely do in your own backyard!

August 11 “Rain Barrel”
Tickets/RSVP online

Learn how harvesting rainwater when it is abundant can help reduce pollution from storm water runoff and provide a supply of free, non-chlorinated, water for your garden, prize orchids, and potted plants to use during the dry season. After viewing the educational presentation component, attendees are qualified to purchase a low-cost rain barrel to install in their own landscape.

Sept. 8 “Biodiversity & Conservation”
Tickets/RSVP online

Learn in-depth about biodiversity and conservation, specifically what it means for all of us living in Miami-Dade County. This program ties directly into Pine Rockland conservation, the importance of pollinators in an ecosystem, and equips the audience with the education necessary to increase the conservation of resources at home. Engages the audience with an interactive game of “ecosystem Jenga”!

Oct. 13 “Butterflies in Your Backyard”
Tickets/RSVP online

Do you have an interest in finding and identifying butterflies in South Florida? Butterflies in your Backyard introduces attendees to the specific butterflies they could expect to find in their zip code, according to the types of habitats that exist in the area. Learn how to discern similar species from one another, and the native plants one could plant to attract them to their home landscape. Attendees will also learn how to use the iNaturalist app so that they can document and catalog these species on their own time. Butterfly walks are available also as a component to follow the class – where attendees can walk the grounds and potentially receive a “Wings Over Florida” Butterfly Viewing Certificate!

Nov. 10 “Composting 101”
Tickets/RSVP online

Join the University of Florida Master Gardeners as they teach the step-by-step process of creating compost from your kitchen and yard waste. You will learn what materials to use, the process of composting, and how to maintain your pile active. At the end you will get a voucher to receive a FREE composter for your home courtesy of Miami-Dade County’s Department of Solid Waste Management.

Dec. 8 “Introduction to Florida Friendly Landscaping”
Tickets/RSVP online

Learn all about Florida-Friendly Landscaping TM common practices – specifically, how to create a sustainable landscape using Florida-Friendly Landscaping TM. We will introduce participants to the FFL Program and review 9 Principles that together will help you create a beautiful and sustainable landscape that could save you time, energy, and money while protecting our water, resources, and the environment.

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