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Marine Conservation

Apr 24 2024
10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Deering Estate Visitor Center, 16701 SW 72nd Avenue, Palmetto Bay Fl 33157
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These homeschool classes are geared for students ages 9-14. Classes will focus on Marine Biology through a diverse array of activities. Each session includes 4 Wednesday classes in the same month, and each class is from 10 AM – 1 PM. Schedule of activities are listed below.

Ages: 9-14

Time: 10 AM – 1 PM. Drop off & pickup are located at the Visitor Center.

Cost: $60 per child, for 4 Wednesday sessions in the same month.  Spaces are limited!

*Registration online only*


OCTOBER SESSION: 4 Wednesdays in this session: October 4, 11, 18, & 25 ($60 per child, for all 4 dates). – OCTOBER SOLD OUT

Wednesday, October 4
Activity: Intro to Deering and Catching Critters
Description: Students will tour the various marine ecosystems of the Estate to see the biodiversity and ecology first hand. Afterwards, we will hop into Biscayne bay and discover the critters that call this ecosystem their home!

Wednesday, October 11
Activity: Fishing & Sea Star Dissection
Description: Students will fish by the bay to discover the biodiversity found within. We will also dissect a sea star to learn more on these invertebrates and their role in the ecosystem. (Please bring your own fishing rod)

Wednesday, October 18
Activity: Squid Dissection & Bioluminescence
Description: We will dissect a squid and learn about the different adaptations cephalopods have. Afterwards, we will study how animals’ glow adaptation help them survive deep underwater.

Wednesday, October 25
Activity: Marine Engineering & Buoyancy
Description: The students will learn about buoyancy both naturally and manmade. Students will build submarines and then a model plankton in which they will discover how to master buoyancy.


DECEMBER SESSION: 4 Wednesdays in this session: December 6, 13, 20, & 27 ($60 per child, for all 4 dates).

Wednesday, December 6
Activity: Renewable and Alternative Energy
Description: Students will learn and explore renewable energy and how it can be used within the marine landscape. We will also explore how to build devices to harness renewable energy.

Wednesday, December 13
Activity: MPAs & Coastal Bird Watching
Description: Students will hold a mock town hall meeting in which they will act as stakeholders and learn more about Marine Protected Areas (MPA). Students will then learn about another crucial species within the marine landscape: birds.

Wednesday, December 20 
Activity: Restoring the Everglades- Cutler Slough Hike
Description: We will hike through the upper half of Cutler Creek to see how freshwater enters Biscayne Bay. Deering Estate is a part of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan, in which we are helping to restore historic freshwater flow. We will observe, firsthand, the efforts of this project!

Wednesday, December 27
Activity: Fishing and Fisheries Management
Description: We will see which fish the students can catch in Biscayne Bay. Along the way they will learn about the fishing industry, how we try to manage fish populations, and what kind of fish can be found here in South Florida. (Please bring your own fishing rod)


FEBRUARY SESSION: 4 Wednesdays in this session: February 7, 14, 21, 28 ($60 per child, for all 4 dates).

Wednesday, February 7
Activity: Mangrove Hike and Plankton Trawl Collection
Description: Students will learn about the backbone of the ocean: Plankton! They will explore how they behave and what makes then so unique. We will collect water samples along our hike through the fascinating mangrove ecosystem.

Wednesday, February 14
Activity: Environmental Law & Manatee Activity
Description: Students will take part in a forensics activity related to cause of death of a manatee and learn more about environmental law and protection. Students will then use what they’ve learned to craft a bill in a mock court session.

Wednesday, February 21
Activity: Ocean acidification and Shark Dissections
Description: Students will learn about the effects of man-made hazards and how they are affecting the ocean through acidification. Students will then dissect a shark to learn more about its biology and its importance to the marine ecology.

Wednesday, February 28
Activity: Oil Spill and Stingray Dissection
Description: In this class, students will develop a tool to clean up a mock oil spill and debate the creation of a new Marine Protected Area. They also will also conduct a stingray dissection to discover how these animals could potentially be affected by these hazards.


APRIL SESSION: 4 Wednesdays in this session: April 3, 10, 17, & 24 ($60 per child, for all 4 dates).

Wednesday, April 3
Activity: Hurricanes and the Power of Water
Description: We will explore hurricanes and their effects on our coastal ecosystems. Students will learn how hurricanes form and create a simulation to further understand how they are created. Students will then construct a mock city and plan how to defend it from a hurricane.

Wednesday, April 10
Activity: Mangrove Cleanup
Description: Mangroves are essential to protecting the shoreline. Students will hike through the mangroves, collecting trash along the way. After the cleanup they will learn about the life of trash they collected. The data collected will also be submitted to a citizen science project.

Wednesday, April 17 
Activity: Water Quality Analysis & Catching Critters
Description: Students will learn about the pH and Salinity of the water and how it can affect the surrounding ecosystems. Different water samples from multiple locations will be examined including water from the bay collected during our catching critters activity!

Wednesday, April 24
Activity: Coastal Expedition
Description: Kayaking south Florida’s coastal areas is the best way to experience the wildlife that call these habitats home. The class will explore that waterways that go through the mangrove forests.


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Please note, scheduled activities are subject to change.

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