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Wildlife Conservation

Mar 27 2024
10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Deering Estate Visitor Center, 16701 SW 72nd Avenue, Palmetto Bay Fl 33157
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These homeschool classes are geared for students ages 9-14. Classes will explore the fields of wildlife biology, marine biology, ecology, and environmental science. Each session includes 4 Wednesday classes in the same month, and each class is from 10 AM – 1 PM. Schedule of activities are listed below.

Ages: 9-14

Time: 10 AM – 1 PM. Drop off & pickup are located at the Visitor Center.

Cost: $60 per child, for 4 Wednesday sessions in the same month.  Spaces are limited!

*Registration online only

SEPTEMBER SESSION: 4 Wednesdays in this session: September 6, 13, 20, & 27  ($60 per child, for all 4 dates). – SOLD OUT! 

Wednesday, September 6
Activity: Butterfly Survey hike & Butterfly Field Guide
Description: The students will learn about the importance of native butterflies, how to identify them and their importance to a healthy ecosystem. Each student will be able to craft their own butterfly field guide based on the knowledge acquired on the field.

Wednesday, September 13
Activity: Scat Hike & Edible scat
Description: Discover how animal scat can help study and monitor the health of an ecosystem by analyzing the contents of scat found in the wild. The students will craft animal scat using edible item like cookies and candy to mimic real animal scat and the contents found within.

Wednesday, September 20 
Activity: Owl Pellet Dissection & Bird Feeder Craft
Description: The class will lean about native owl species and gain insight on their digestive functions through an owl pellet dissection. The students will craft a bird feeder that they can take home to attract birds at home.

Wednesday, September 27 
Activity: Birdwatching & Bird Identification Guide
Description: Students will observe local birds in their habitat and learn how to identify and survey their species and population. The class will document the observed birds and create a field guide they can reference in the future.



NOVEMBER SESSION: 4 Wednesdays in this session: November 1, 8, 15, & 22 ($60 per child, for all 4 dates).

Wednesday, November 1
Activity: Hardwood Hammock Hike & Terrariums
Description: Students will learn about the Hardwood Hammock habitat and the abundant wildlife found within. The class will build a terrarium containing a native species found in the hardwood hammock habitat.

Wednesday, November 8
Activity: Mangrove Hike & Erosion
Description: The class will explore the mangrove forest habitat and its importance to the coastal wildlife. Through the erosion experiment the students will discover how vital mangroves are to the stability of coastal areas as they prevent erosion that can be cause by major storms.

Wednesday, November 15
Activity: Pine Rocklands Hike & Seed Bombs
Description: explore the endangered habitat of pine Rocklands and the keystone species found within. By creating seed bombs the class will learn of an effective method to reintroduce endangered plant species local forests.

Wednesday, November 22
Activity: Saltmarsh Hike and Tram ride
Description: Students will be taking a tram ride to the northern addition of Saltmarsh habitat at the Deering Estate to see how the ecotones look up close and personal. Students will also set out the wildlife cameras in the park to try and capture some images of the sneaky residents usually seen at night.


JANUARY SESSION: 4 Wednesdays in this session: January 3, 10, 17 & 24  ($60 per child, for all 4 dates).

Wednesday, January 3
Activity: Shelter Building & Bush craft Skills
Description: The class will collaborate to build a survival shelter using natural materials available to them and learn how to identify useful native plants that can provide food or medicine in a survival situation.

Wednesday, January 10 
Activity: Slough Hike & Water Filtration
Description: the students will venture into the slough at cutler creek to discover how the Florida water system works and how we get our drinking water. The class will also learn to build a rudimentary water filtration device using natural resources in their surroundings.

Wednesday, January 17 
Activity: Orienteering & Map Making
Description: Learn how to find your way through the wild using orienteering techniques that will help you find your bearings. The class will learn about map making and how to navigate terrain using them.

Wednesday, January 24
Activity: Intro to Fire Making & Campfire and S’mores
Description: Discover the many fire building techniques that allow you to start a fire in most conditions. The class will also get to enjoy a real camp fire and roast marshmallows over a fire as they make s’mores.


MARCH SESSION: 4 Wednesdays in this session: March 6, 13, 20, & 27  ($60 per child, for all 4 dates).

Wednesday, March 6
Activity: Game camera Stet Up & Firebreak Hike
Description: Students will be hiking to the northern pine Rockland habitat and learn about fire breaks and prescribed burns. Students will also set out the wildlife cameras in the park to try and capture some images of the sneaky residents usually seen at night.

Wednesday, March 13
Activity: Intro to Wildlife Photography & Photography Hike
Description: The class will learn the basics of wildlife photography and how to use their devices to take pictures of the local wildlife. The students will hike the park practicing the newly learned skills to photograph wildlife.

Wednesday, March 20 
Activity: iNaturalist & Species Identification Hike
Description: The group will learn how to use the iNaturalist app to identify fauna and flora to document biodiversity and population count. The class will hike identifying several species to document what’s found at the Deering Estate.

Wednesday, March 27
Activity: Retrieving and Reviewing the Wildlife Cameras
Description: Students will be hiking to retrieve the wildlife cameras and reviewing the footage to see if anything triggered the camera and was recorded. Students will learn the importance of tracking and studying different species in order to safely study population dynamics at the Deering Estate.


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Please note, scheduled activities are subject to change.

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