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Peoples Dock


The Deering Estate is located at: 16701 SW 72 avenue, Palmetto Bay, Fl 33157

Vehicle parking for the Deering Estate Peoples Dock is located at the Deering Estate Visitor Center Parking lot, located on SW 168 Street near SW 72nd Avenue in Palmetto Bay.

Peoples Dock Normal Operating Hours:  Sunrise to Sunset. Open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Peoples Dock may be closed at certain times without notice.  

Site Map

Fishing & Wildlife

Guests must follow all local, state, and federal laws, including Saltwater Fishing Recreational Regulations at the Peoples Dock. Swimming, diving, snorkeling, spearfishing, etc. is not permitted. Cleaning & filleting on site is also not permitted.  Please dispose of fishing line and gear in the appropriate waste bins. FWC Fish handling & best practices can be found here. Fishing is prohibited at the Main Grounds portion of the Deering Estate.

Guests are encouraged to document their flora & fauna findings on the iNaturalist app. (Available on Google Play and App Store).

Kayak, Canoe, & Paddleboard Launch

Non-motorized vessels may be launched from the Peoples Dock during normal operating hours. Items must be moved via cart or dolly from the parking lot to the Peoples Dock. Vehicles are not permitted to load or unload at the Peoples Dock, only at the Visitor Center parking lot.

Restrooms & Water Fountains

Restrooms & water fountains are located in the South-West side of the Visitor Center. Bathrooms are open sunrise to sunset.

Film, Photography, & Portrait Photography Sessions

Film & Photography & Portrait Photography sessions are permitted with a permit and fee. Permits are required for photography on all Deering Estate grounds including the Peoples Dock, Visitor Center, Deering Point, and surrounding areas. Portrait photography is not allowed inside any buildings, and must not block stairways, paths, restrooms entrances or exits from use by the public.

Groups of 4 or more people, including all cast, crew, personnel, and subjects being photographed and/or filmed, will require an additional permit from the Office of Film and Entertainment. More info on Film & Photography rules can be found here.

Seaweed Season

Sargassum is a naturally occurring seaweed that floats freely on the ocean surface and is abundant in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. It provides crucial habitat for many marine species. Over the past several years, South Florida and the Caribbean have experienced high levels of Sargassum in coastal waters and on local beaches. Sargassum provides cover habitat for juvenile turtles and fish and offers a refuge for migratory birds. It is also an important element in shoreline stability.

You might see Sargassum during your visit during Seaweed Season from March-October. More info can be found at:

Important Do’s & Dont’s

We ask our patrons to join us in the stewardship of Deering Estate in order to protect the natural resources of the Deering Estate. 

  • Guests must follow all Deering Estate rules & regulations
  • Stay on designated pathways.
  • Mosquitos are very common, please come prepared.
  • Do not pick plants, leaves, flowers or climb trees; the natural ecosystems in and around Deering Estate are sensitive, globally imperiled, and protected habitats.
  • Refrain from making loud noises, feeding, harassing, or throwing objects at animals.
  • Dispose of fishing line and gear in the appropriate waste bins.
  • Follow all local, state, & federal laws.
  • For personal or professional photography, film, or photo shoots on the grounds of Deering Estate, including at or around the Peoples Dock or Visitor Center, please refer to Film & Photography rules & obtain applicable permit(s).

The following items are prohibited (including, but not limited to): swimming, snorkeling, drones, tents/canopies,  BBQ’s/barbecues/grills, candles/open flame, balloons, confetti, glitter, fireworks, kites,  remote control boats / cars.

We appreciate your cooperation.

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Whether you want to relax, explore, learn or celebrate we welcome you to discover more than you ever imagined at the Deering Estate.

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Protecting & Preserving

The Deering Estate Foundation, Inc. is a community-based charitable 501(c) 3 Florida Corporation dedicated to preserving and enhancing the Deering Estate, one of South Florida’s largest and most significant historical, archeological, architectural and environmental treasures.